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'She was a bloody mess' | Pack of dogs viciously attack four women in Florissant

"I just hope I never see anything like this again ever. I never want to see any human being torn up like that"

FLORISSANT, Mo. — A vicious attack has people in Florissant on edge. Police say four pit bulls broke out of their neighbor's yard and gave three women serious injuries Tuesday night.

"It was right down here, how I heard her I don't know its amazing," said Robyn Handley as she walked to where it happened.

"They had torn the flesh and that was open... She was just a bloody mess. Hysterical and just screaming for her life. She had a water bottle and she just kept screaming, 'This all I had this all I had'," said Handley.

Police said the woman was walking along the 1400 block of Angelus when four dogs attacked. After Robyn yelled for aid, another woman was the first to hear her cries.

"Women are the ones that are the toughest, they're the ones that came out to help. None of the men driving by in cars stopped," said Handley. 

Right in front of them a young man did what he could.

"I saw blood coming out of her hands and feet and stuff and I said 'Oh no I have to call the police immediately'," said 13-year-old Chase Jernstad.

"I was trembling, I was talking really fast I was like 'Oh my god oh my god'," said Jernstad.

The dogs eventually ran off towards Patterson Road where one of them was hit and killed by a car.

The remaining three dogs made their way to the 400 block of Limedale where they attacked a woman who was walking her dog. A neighbor rushed to help her. Both sustained lower leg injuries. 

"I just hope I never see anything like this again ever. I never want to see any human being torn up like that and I hope they put those dogs to sleep and somebody is held responsible," Handley said.

Handley was able to walk away from it all - without so much as a scratch or broken nail.

"That dog was right there and we were eye-to-eye, and I wasn't afraid for some reason I was not afraid. I had no fear until the ambulances left and we realized what just hit us," she said.

She believes her husband who died in April was fighting alongside her.

"My girls and I always now say 'wwdd'... what would dad do? You know and I say, 'What would Tim do', but I know he had to be with me. It was scary," said Handley. 

The second victim who was hurt trying to help also suffered serious injuries to her leg.

5 On Your Side asked Florissant police about any charges for the dogs owners. They said St. Louis County Animal control has taken the dogs into their custody and will continue this investigation.

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