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SLMPD on alert at MetroLink stops following New York subway shooting

In addition to having its own security, MetroLink partners with local law enforcement departments.

ST. LOUIS — In St. Louis, MetroLink riders noticed more security as they boarded their train cars Tuesday. It follows the shooting on a Brooklyn Subway that left some 10 people injured.

“Our security teams regularly train and coordinate with our local law enforcement partners to be prepared for these type of events. As it pertains to the incident in New York this morning, we are involved in active collaboration with all of our partners to ensure seamless intelligence sharing and security deployments,” said Kevin Scott, General Manager of Security for Bi-State Development.

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Nikki and Chris Peterson took MetroLink to get to the Cardinals game Tuesday.

"So we don't have to drive. No traffic. You just get on, get right off, go right home,” Nikki Peterson said.

"I noticed the increase in [officers], yeah the increase in security…Yeah, today definitely,” Chris Peterson added.

He's referring to the day someone opened fire on a Brooklyn New York subway wearing a gas mask. Authorities said he tossed a smoke canister in the train car to distract the crowd before opening fire.

People who ride MetroLink realize that could happen anywhere.

"I ride the metro but now what makes me wonder is whose going to be the next copycat,” said passenger Elizabeth Priest.

In addition to having its own security, MetroLink also partners with local law enforcement.

“We are aware of the incident that occurred in NYC and as always, we will be on alert and monitoring for any activity here in our area,” a SLMPD spokesperson said in a statement. “Our Metrolink Unit patrols in the same way as district officers, except they are specifically assigned to Metro property. We do not discuss tactical information in detail regarding their patrol measures; however, we do work to provide the utmost safety to riders and visitors, and our officers maintain visibility.”

Safety remains at the forefront of those who are even skeptical about catching a train.

"It would make me think twice about using it down here. I know we’re not as population-dense as New York is but still,” Kirenda Brown said.

"I kind of look at it almost like these school shootings were. It's a bunch of people in a compact space with very little exits,” Cole Buehler added.

"I feel safe here,” Nikki Peterson said.

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