PEVELY, Mo. — The latest round of winter weather is keeping snow removal companies busy around the St. Louis area. 

"It's been a really really decent season," Tom Lorinc,  owner of Cost- Cutter SnowPlow equipment said. 

As wintry weather swept through the St. Louis Metro, Tom Lorinc and his sons were hard at work

"I've been staying pretty busy," he said. 

Inside his warehouse, he is checking out his salt piles.

"There's probably 50 to 60 tons," he said.

Lorinc has been in business for more than 30 years.

On a typical day, he sells snow equipment and repairs plows but he's been busy taking advantage of the wintry mix. 

"If it needs to be done you're out there on it," he said. 

Lorinc credits the snow and the constant winter weather for keeping him in business. 

Lorinc told 5 On Your Side in an average year he normally uses about 80 tons of salt to help clear lots, but this year he said he's more than tripled that number.

"It surprised me because of the last two years we've been really laxed and this year it kind of picked up," he said.

While he salt piles continue to dwindle, Lorinc said what matters most is people's safety. 

"We try to help everybody we can," he said. 

Even with most roads clear of snow, Lorinc told 5 On Your side he plans to keep his crews out as long as they are needed to help clear lots.