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Special prosecutor named to investigate allegations of tampering by Greitens' attorneys

A special prosecutor is needed in the case because St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is a potential victim.

ST. LOUIS — Retired judge Michael Bradley was named special prosecutor Tuesday to look into allegations of tampering with a public officer against attorneys who represented former-Governor Eric Greitens in the 2018 invasion of privacy case.

A special prosecutor is needed in the case because St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is a potential victim. The motion requesting a special prosecutor also said several current and former assistant circuit attorneys are potential witnesses.

The motion to appoint a special prosecutor said the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has completed its investigation and needs to consult with a prosecutor.

Gardner, a Democrat, told The Associated Press in a 2018 interview that several of Greitens' lawyers came to her office in March 2018 to try to persuade her to drop the case. "Basically they told me I would be ruined personally, professionally, and it's only going to get worse," she said at the time.

Scott Rosenblum, one of Greitens' attorneys, disputed Gardner's claims.

"Her action is an embarrassingly lame politically motivated move designed to deflect from her egregiously unethical conduct in the case," Rosenblum told The Associated Press via email Tuesday. "Despite being faced with repeated lies and the manipulation of evidence the defense team handled itself above reproach. Only one lawyer involved in the case was advised to 'seek counsel and that her words were to be treated as under oath and on the record 'by the judge. That was Ms. Gardner. "

Gardner said in a statement Tuesday that she is pleased that a special prosecutor has been assigned, though said in June her office had recommended a different candidate with no personal ties to Greitens or the matter.

"It's critical that this matter gets an objective and independent review ... We encourage the community to continue to review the facts, scrutinize the process and identify close relationships with firms, judges, and individuals in this case to determine the objectivity and fairness of the special prosecutor," Gardener said in the statement.

Bradley retired from his position as Boone County Associate Circut Judge on Dec. 31, 2018. He was appointed to the position in 2011 and was re-elected in both 2012 and 2016. He presided over criminal, civil and probate cases and helped create the Boone County Veterans Treatment Court.

A different special prosecutor, Gerard Carmody, is still looking into how Gardner's office prosecuted the case. A grand jury in the case was disbanded last week, but Carmody put out a statement saying his investigation was not complete yet.

An investigator for Gardner's office, William Tisaby, was indicted on seven felony charges, including perjury and tampering with evidence.

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