A 20 year-old man is in critical-unstable condition following a violent crash Tuesday morning near the intersection of Natural Bridge and Shreve in St. Louis.

The Nissan sedan the man was driving was ripped in half when police say a driver in a black sedan ran a red light at the intersection and slammed into the victim’s car. Police say the driver of the second car was speeding and then ran away from the scene following the crash.

Crashes like this are a big reason why a St. Louis Alderman is calling for changes to city streets.
Alderman Jeffrey Boyd of the city’s 22nd ward says St. Louis drivers regularly speed, drive recklessly and ignore traffic lights and stop signs. Now he’s planning to do something about it.

Tuesday morning Boyd had the city’s traffic commissioner give a presentation at City hall to discuss the kinds of changes that can be made to city streets to slow speeding cars and improve safety for everyone.

“Speeding is an epidemic in the city of St. Louis and we have to do something about it,” said Boyd.

The Alderman says long, straight roadways like Natural Bridge, Goodfellow and Hall Street are hot spots for speeding and crashes.

In fact, according to St. Louis police, there have been at least 26 accidents along Natural Bridge since the first of the year. One on March third took the life of Doletha Hudson. Another on May 17 resulted in a two-year-old child being thrown from a car.

Now Boyd is looking for solutions.

“It's complicated. it's not just as simple as putting a speed hump in an alley or a speed bump in the street. we have a serious problem with speeding throughout the whole city of St. Louis.

Boyd says solutions could include traffic circles that cost around $80,000 or even new medians and lane reductions that could run in the millions. He added the city will need to partner with the state and federal government to help fund any improvements.

Boyd is also calling on city police to develop stronger traffic patrol policies.