If you’re a college graduate and living in St. Louis, you’re in the right spot!

Financial website SmartAsset ranked the 25 best cities for recent college graduates. The website looked at several factors including, jobs, affordability, and fun. St. Louis ranks tenth on the list this year. Last year, St. Louis ranked 29th.

St. Louis scored the best in the affordability factor.

Clinching the 10th spot is St. Louis, up from 29th last year. The Gateway City saw some great improvement this year in its unemployment rate for those with bachelor’s degrees, landing at 3.1% from last year’s 5.1%. This improved number is still the second-worst in the top 10. Additionally, its overall unemployment rate saw a small spike, landing it as the very worst rate in the top 10. College grads are also not earning the best wages in St. Louis, having the second-lowest numbers in the top 10, after Pittsburgh.

The rent in St. Louis isn’t expensive though, coming in at an affordable $580, the ninth-best out of all the cities we looked at. Pairing that with the average cost of living, recent college grads may love St. Louis’ affordability.

Cincinnati, Ohio took the top spot.