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St. Louis' biggest coronavirus questions answered

We want to give you the facts, not fear -- so 5 On Your Side told viewers to ask us their biggest coronavirus questions

ST. LOUIS — As the coronavirus becomes a top headline around the world, many people around the bi-state have growing concerns.

We want to give you the facts, not fear -- so 5 On Your Side told viewers to ask us their biggest coronavirus questions.

Here are the answers.

Do I need a face mask?

Many people are wondering if they need a face mask -- and are worried about price gouging.

Yes, some of these masks are going for hundreds of dollars on Amazon, and local stores are in short supply

But luckily, you really don't need a mask unless you are the one with the virus, or if you're working in the medical field.

Masks stop germs from spreading. They're not necessarily helpful in protecting yourself from the virus.

Are infected people recovering?

People also want to know what happens to people after they're infected with the virus.

There's some good news here, according to Dr. Sean Whelan from Washington University's Department of Molecular Biology.

"People are OK after they get the virus, 98% who get tested recover and then presumably are immune for the rest of their life," Whelan said.

Is it safe to travel?

We've also received several questions about travel. You might need to change your plans, depending on where you're headed.

The Centers for Disease Control says only travel to China and South Korea if necessary.

If you're older or have a serious medical condition, avoid Japan, Iran, and Italy.

If you're staying in the states, You should be good to go.

Many airports say they're keeping a close eye on the virus, like LAX, which is sanitizing the airport every hour.

Could my online orders carry coronavirus?

People are worried about online orders from China, from sites like Amazon or Wish.

But according to the Centers for Disease Control, there's little chance the virus would spread like this.

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There's no evidence that coronavirus in the US is associated with imported goods.

So right now, don't worry about your online shopping habits.

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