ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis chiropractor has been sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined $350,000 for his role in a scheme to illegally obtain confidential information from the St. Louis Police Department.

Mitchell Davis, DC, 50, admitted to a scheme where he and his wife solicited unreduced police reports in exchange for cash payments from St. Louis Police officers who had access to the reports. The reports included names and personal information of individuals involved in car accident in St. Louis.

Davis also admitted to contacting and signing up patients, making false and exaggerated claims for reimbursement from health care benefit plans.

As part of his sentence, Davis was ordered to pay more than $696,000 in restitution which included overpayments from insurance plans for unnecessary and unauthorized services.

Davis was the first person to be sentenced in relation to this scheme. His wife, Galina Davis and two former St. Louis Police officers, Cauncenet Brown and Terri Owens have pleaded guilty and await sentencing. Two other former St. Louis Police officers have pleaded not guilty and await trial.