Caught on camera: an Elk attack at a St. Louis County park. A local nature photographer captured the selfie gone wrong, and it's not the only recent attack at Lone Elk Park.

Park rangers say it's a dangerous time to be around these large animals because it's mating season for elk.

At least two people were attacked by elk in recent weeks, and now county officials are warning people to use common sense around wildlife.

Kent Burgess comes to Lone Elk to photograph the animals, but sometimes its odd human behavior that catches his eye.

"I noticed four people on the hill getting close to the elk. And they were taking a selfie," said Burgess. He was at the park photographing the Elk on Sunday.

Brugess kept shooting and his images captured what happened next.

"It charged them and put its head down and was shaking its rack right at one female. She was injured in the arm and had some blood on her face," said Burgess.

County officials said the woman wasn't seriously injured. Neither was a second woman who was gored in the back by an Elk just a few weeks prior.

After the attacks, park officials put up more signs warning people to stay away from Elk. There are more than a dozen signs now posted around the park. There may be additional patrols too. But 5 On Your Side has been told there are only six park rangers for all of St. Louis County.

"These Elk are very aggressive, especially during the fall of the year, and the mating season," said Burgess.

While in the park, it wasn't hard to find the Elk behind the attack, pointed out by both Burgess and a Park Ranger. We also spotted another photographer getting too close to the Elk and being warned off by park rangers.

Park officials said there could be more people visiting the park in the next few weeks to watch leaves change color. Elk mating season ends in about two weeks.