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St. Louis County eases COVID-19 restrictions for businesses and group gatherings

All businesses in St. Louis County will now be allowed to raise capacity limits from 25% to 50%
Credit: Super Smokers BBQ


St. Louis County will eased COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, which changed limitations for group gatherings, youth sports and many businesses.

All businesses in St. Louis County will now be allowed to raise capacity limits from 25% to 50%.

Some restaurants, like Super Smokers BBQ in Eureka, will be impacted by this change in more ways than one.

“Going to 50% today is actually going to be really big for us for two reasons,” said Jeff Fitter, owner of Super Smokers BBQ.

“One, more business, and everybody needs more business right now. But two, Six Flags is open. When Six Flags is open, it’s a huge generator of business to the economy and to the local area.”

The new county regulations also allow groups to gather with more than 10 people. Fitter said this will be helpful for small businesses to utilize more space, and host larger families who may attend the amusement park.

“For today, we’re actually setting up our party room for larger tables so that the bigger groups that come in, the families that are going to Six Flags, and they need to come in and seek shelter and find something to eat.”

Fitter said the goal now is to continue creating new ways to attract business, while still operating under stricter restrictions than those of surrounding counties.

“We’ve lost business, absolutely,” Fitter said. “Because people can drive five minutes to Franklin County and Jefferson County, and dine at their will. So, we’ve done things like added items to our menu, we’ve made specials to make sure people do come at least once in a while through carryout or dine-in.”

For more updated guidelines in St. Louis County, visit here.


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