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St. Louis County voters pass Prop P

<p>Red and blue flashing lights of the police car</p>

St. Louis County voters had Tuesday to decide whether to pay higher taxes.

That money would pay for more police officers, better training, and better technology for the county and municipal departments.

Ultimately, Proposition P passed with 63% of the vote, securing a victory for its supporters with 101,964 ballots cast.

Proposition P calls for one-half of 1-percent sales tax increase, which would go towards putting more police officers on the streets of St. Louis County.

It's projected to generate more than $80 million in the first year.

The funds generated would be spread among more than 90 municipalities, but much of it would go towards the St. Louis County Police Department.

Funds would go towards pay raises for officers and expand the number of two-person police cars. supporters say passing the proposition would 

While the money won't be available until December, the St. Louis County Police Department plans to hire more than 100 new officers, effective immediately.