ST. LOUIS — There are a lot of people in the city of St. Louis with outstanding warrants, but there is a program that wants to give citizens a chance to clean their slate.

“We encourage individuals who have not yet resolved a warrant to use this program as an opportunity to fulfill their obligations to the law without facing undue hardship,” City Court Administrator Richard Torack said.

The Municipal Court will forgive outstanding warrants for all city ordinance, except DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and charges related to prostitution.

Many may be skeptical of this process, but the Court reassures participants that no defendants will be arrested in court during amnesty.

Participants of the Amnesty Program will resolve outstanding payments and warrants without penalty through customer service. Once this process is completed, defendants will be given a new court date and placed on a payment plan.

There is no processing fee to participate, so the only thing needed is a valid photo ID.

To check more information on individual cases, click here.

Rescheduling a court date is free during this time, but if you miss that reassigned date, the case goes back into warrant status and a bond will have to be posted.

This program will take place at St. Louis City Municipal Court at 1520 Market Street.