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St. Louis Dierbergs uses salad bar to serve beer and mini liquor bottles

With salad bars closed down due to COVID-19, Dierbergs stores around St. Louis are getting a bit creative
Credit: Dierbergs

ST. LOUIS — There has been no shortage of creativity on display around the country during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but we think these St. Louis area Dierbergs grocery stores may have found one of the most simple and effective ways to serve their customers.

With salad bars at Dierbergs closed since March, workers thought up a pretty ingenious way to continue to utilize the space the empty space.

Just fill them with booze.

Rick Rodemacher, the store director at the Manchester location, tried filling the salad bar with other fresh food items at first, but when that didn't work very well, he opted for beer cans and tiny liquor bottles instead.

The idea took off, and other stores around the area followed suit with their own take on the idea.

The Arnold store now has a "tiki bar" in place of a salad bar.

Credit: Dierbergs

Fenton has debuted a "candy bar".

Credit: Dierbergs

St. Peters has its own "energy bar".

Credit: Dierbergs

And the Clarkson location has a "breakfast bar".

Credit: Dierbergs

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