ST. LOUIS — It's no secret to anyone you ask, including out-of-town travel writers — St. Louis carries plate after plate of delicious meals no matter your palette.

Google, using data from Google News Lab, produced a detailed, visual aid in response to growing food trends across the country. Pulled from data whose users voluntarily agreed to share, Google ranked cities and counties by their most popular cuisine.

St. Louis ranked as the fourth-most popular city to visit for barbecue restaurants, placing behind only Atlanta, Nashville and Memphis, Tenn. Additionally, St. Louis ranked as the eighth-best city for sandwich shops. Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Raleigh, N.C. and other cities ranked higher.

Photo: Google News Lab

The other categories St. Louis did not rank under were pizzerias, Mexican, Chinese, barbecue, burger and seafood restaurants, as well as sandwich and coffee shops.

Additionally, Google released a map of the most visited restaurant type varied by city neighborhood. Included in the list are St. Louis, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Fla., Los Angeles and a handful of other notable cities around the United States.

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