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These are 5 of the spookiest spots in St. Louis

With some help from the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, we explored five of the spookiest spots in town that continue to haunt to this day

ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis area isn't short on haunted history and spooky legends on both sides of the river.

In 2018, we set out to find the most historically haunted places in the St. Louis area.

With some help from the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, we explored five of the spookiest spots in town that continue to haunt to this day.

Here's a look back on our "Spooky St. Louis" series and some of the haunted history of our town.

The Lemp Mansion

The demise of the Lemp family and their brewery remains a mystery.

For many years, the family ran a very wealthy empire. Then, tragedy repeatedly struck. There were multiple deaths of family members inside the Lemp Mansion.

The brewery's fortunes decayed until the year 1919 when prohibition forced the Lemp operation to permanently close. In 1922, the brewery, which had once been valued at $7 million and consumed 10 city blocks, was auctioned off for $588,500.

The remaining Lemp family members had vacated the mansion, but some still believe their spirits remain.

The McPike Mansion

Alton, Illinois, is often called one of the most haunted cities in the United States. And the McPike Mansion might be the spookiest spot in town.

Nobody has lived in this historical home since the mid-1900s.

The current homeowners, Sharyn and George Luedke, bought the home at auction without knowing what they were getting into. After buying the property, the Luedkes found out why many Alton residents believe the McPike home is the most haunted place in town. 

There have been a number of unusual occurrences and some people believe they can communicate with spirits in the wine cellar.

The Stifel Theatre

Formerly the Kiel Opera House, the Stifel Theatre has a rich history, including unexplained paranormal activity.

And if you bring a camera, you might even be able to capture some unexpected guests taking in a show alongside you.

The 7 Gates of Hell

Seven train trestles in southern Illinois have taken on one of the darkest and most haunted reputations of anywhere in the St. Louis area.

The stories about the '7 Gates of Hell' have become legendary among locals.

The urban legend states if you go through the seven "gates" in order, a portal to Hell will open — the fine print is that you must pass through gate No. 7 when the clock strikes midnight.

The Grandel Theatre

Originally a First Congressional Church, the historic Grandel Theatre has become a hotbed for paranormal activity, with some instances even being captured in pictures and video.

Officials know of one confirmed death in the building... but that doesn't curb the spooky stories coming out of this unique and historic site.

You can watch the entire "Spooky St. Louis" series on YouTube by clicking here.

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