ST. LOUIS – Although it’s not officially winter, temperatures in St. Louis feel like winter.

A St. Louis nonprofit wants to help those affected most by the cold.

Project Downtown St. Louis is raising money to give out 200 special winter coats to the homeless in St. Louis.

The nonprofit’s GoFundMe shares it wanted to find a unique way to help this year. Typically, they have donors go into their closets to find clothing they want to donate, but they wanted to improve their efforts this year. Through a direct partnership with a manufacturer the nonprofit has been able to create special knee-length coats for the homeless.

‘Our organization is driven by compassion. News headlines last winter compelled us to action this year. The stories of a 54-year-old homeless man who was found dead, frozen inside a dumpster behind an apartment building, on New Year's Day grieved us all deeply. Also, just days before Christmas, Grover Perry, another homeless man, was found dead in a port-a-potty where he had been living for weeks. Stories like these remind us of how blessed we are and motivate us to make a difference this winter to honor these people who have frozen to death in the alleyways, overpasses, dumpsters, and port-a-potties of our community.’

Each coat costs under $40 to make and they hope to raise $8,000 for 200 coats.

Click here for the GoFundMe

For more information on Project Downtown St. Louis, click here.