ST. LOUIS — St. Louis soccer fans are excited about the increasing possibility of a Major League Soccer team coming to the city soon.

"I think it will help take soccer to the next level in St. Louis," Claire Abboud, a mom and former player said. "It will provide our kids with good role models and be more of a constant presence in St. Louis."

Her son Elias is in Coach Zaza’s Kickeroo class at the Vetta Sports Soccerdome in Webster Groves.

“He loves it,” Abboud said.

Hopefully, the practices are the first steps down his mother’s path who went on to play soccer at the college level at Indiana State University.

"(Saint Louis) is good competitively up until college,” she said. “Having a MLS team will help connect the differences of raising and creating good players."

Coach Ahmad Zaza said a pro team can only help grow the game.

"You can hear kids say I want to be this, I want to be that,” Zaza said. “I want to be Ibrahimović, I want to be Messi. They wear the [jerseys]. If there's an MLS team here [in Saint Louis] they will most likely wear those shirts."

Coach Zaza said if the kids see the professionals do something in the game, most likely the young player will try it at home.

“OK, this is Ibrahimović. What did he do?” Zaza said. “I'm going to try and do that in practice. That's how they become more interested in the game and more creative and get better by doing things the better players do."

Abboud said she hopes a MLS team comes to Saint Louis because it’s something her entire family can enjoy.