A local woman said she was harassed while traveling on the Amtrak train. Now she wants those conductors who she claims bullied her to be disciplined.

Taking a summer vacation is normally an exciting time for people. But Florence Bills said when she boarded her train on August 24th , that excitement turned into frustration.

"I was on my way to Chicago for the weekend and I was very excited. I've always had great service I’ve always had professional people. But this time it was different,” Bills said.

She said when she got on the train one of the conductors told her she wouldn't be able to keep her luggage. She agreed to move it, but she said she needed a little time to retrieve her medicine from inside because she’s disabled.

"I have a breathing machine in my suitcase and my personal belongings and he said I don't care. He said you’re going to have to move it and you have to move It now in such a nasty tone," Bills said.

She’s said at one point the conductor grabbed her luggage from her hands and they were pulling it in opposite directions.

" I said where do you want me to put it he said behind the trash can. I just felt violated. The whole ride was just very uncomfortable. I was harassed, I was singled out, I was embarrassed, for no reason," Bills said.

Now she’s asking Amtrak to discipline those workers so on one else receives this type of treatment.

"Training is fine but I think they need to have a new job I don't think they need to be there to serve the public," Bills said.

A spokesperson with Amtrak said "I'm told this customer has received an apology from Customer Relations, while the case is still open and being investigated."

However Bills said she never received an apology or a call back after multiple attempts.