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Cutest thing you’ll see today: Saint Louis Zoo penguins take field trip outside in the snow

Penguins at the Saint Louis Zoo got a chance to roam around the zoo to experience the snow day
Credit: Saint Louis Zoo

ST. LOUIS — The Saint Louis Zoo shared a minute and a half long video of its penguins exploring the zoo on Wednesday. 

King penguins Ethel and Elliot, along with Gentoo penguins CJ, Oshie, Linus, Sunny, Double and Trouble took a field trip from their indoor Penguin and Puffin Coast all the way to Polar Bear Point.

There, thanks to the Bird and Carnivore animal care team, the penguins were able to visit their neighbors, polar bear Kali and grizzly bears Huck and Finley.

The team said the penguins willingly approached the bears and the spontaneous winter walks can be very enriching for the penguins.

The zoo also tweeted, “The walks are not pre-scheduled and do not occur on any regular basis.”

You can watch the entire video in at the top of this story.

One of the most adorable moments in the video is at the 1:01 mark when images capture polar bear Kali looking over at one of the penguins.

For more information on the Penguin and Puffin Coast, click here

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