ST. LOUIS — NBC’s jackpot-of-a-show "This Is Us" followed Sunday’s Super Bowl with an episode that left fans with tear-filled eyes and broken hearts. The death of father Jack Pearson meant the end of Milo Ventimiglia’s run on the show alongside St. Louis native Sterling K. Brown.

Brown, who spoke exclusively with 5 On Your Side, is the uncle of traffic reporter Anthony Slaughter. The two, who grew up together, recently spent an afternoon in California catching up with their kids and careers.

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While with his nephew, Brown shared some scoop on his TV family, including Mandy Moore — his TV mother. Her counterpart, Rebecca Pearson, has the mom thing down, said Brown.

“Even though she’s eight years younger than me, Mandy is the same age as you,” Brown told Slaughter. “You and Mandy are 33-years-old… and she plays my mom. It’s crazy, like when she puts on the Rebecca old-age makeup and gets into her costume, that’s mom. It’s that simple.”

Interestingly, Brown said he only shot one scene with his on-screen father despite the show first premiering in 2016.