MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. — When you walk into Leftovers, Etc., you will see racks and rows of donated items.

The goal is to re-purpose them for art and projects.

“That's what we're trying to do, get kids to think outside of the box, use this stuff to keep it out of a landfill," said Sandy O’Dell, the executive director.

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Leftovers hosts craft parties and field trips. They sell supplies to schools and museums all over the St. Louis area, touching the lives of about 300,000 children per year.

Beyond the collections of shells, ribbons and toilet paper rolls is where you’ll find the heart of Leftovers.

The organization provides music programs for adults with Down Syndrome. William Kelly started the program just last year.

“In the past year, he has really blossomed,” said Kari Potts, Kelly’s mom. “He has made friends; he's come out of his shell.”

Potts said it has given them, and dozens of other families, a community.

“And love and acceptance and being treated like everyone should be treated,” Potts said.

Recently, the non-profit has seen a cut in grants and state funding. On top of that, they’ve been asked to leave the space they have been leasing for the last two years.

“We need a place to go,” O’Dell said.

Without a new home, O’Dell is worried the organization’s 28-year mission will end.

“I am praying for a guardian angel,” Potts said.

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