Last week, a South Carolina mom went viral when she spoofed the live feed of April the Giraffe by wearing a giraffe mask and walking around her bedroom.

Now, a St. Louis photographer will meet her for what's sure to be a unique photo shoot.

Stephanie Cotta is flying to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday to shoot newborn pictures. Of course, the photo shoot will be giraffe-themed.

Stephanie Cotta is flying to Myrtle Beach to photograph the mom who went viral for wearing a giraffe mask.

"I'm going down there with a couple ideas," she said. "I definitely want to play on the giraffe epidemic that is nationwide right now, really world wide. I know Erin has been sent several giraffe items, so we'll probably use a little of that to play on that."

Stephanie says she bought in on the April the giraffe craze. She says she and her daughter have become fascinated with watching the giraffe.