ST. LOUIS — It's the holiday season. It's time to break out all the favorite phrases like: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Deck the Halls.

Especially for Missourians.

A new study by CenturyLink says Missouri is in the top 15 when it comes to states with Christmas spirit.

According to the study, analysts used a number of statistics broken down into two categories: Online Activity and Area Culture.

Under online activity, the study measured Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses, Google shopping trends for wrapping paper, Christmas Cards, Christmas ornaments and "elf on a shelf," number of Christmas songs streamed and number of Christmas-related tweets.

Under area culture, the study measured number of Christmas tree farms per capita and amount of charitable donations.

The results of the study found Missouri ranked 13th nationally in Christmas spirit.

Tennessee was ranked as the state with the most Christmas spirit, with top 10 rankings in the categories for Christmas tweets, Christmas music listening and searches for Christmas movies.

The top 5 states with the most Christmas spirit are:


North Carolina




According to the study, Utah was the most charitable state, with residents giving away about 4.8% of their adjusted income in 2018.

The five states with the least Christmas spirit are:






According to the study, while Alaska received a relatively low score of 40, it scored number one in searches for Christmas cards searches and Christmas tweets.