CLAYTON, Mo. — There was a steady stream of taxpayers lined in St. Louis County offices Monday, hoping to appeal their 2019 property assessments as the clock ticked closer to the June 8 deadline.

"I hope it do me some good," Curtis Johnson said.

Johnson, a University City homeowner, said his home's valuation has gone up every two years. He decided to appeal this time, with just hours to go before the 5 PM in-person deadline.

"Ain't nothing you can do but appeal it and hope that it helps," Johnson said.

Some people are concerned the department's computer algorithm falsely pushed home values too high.

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Robert Barber's also scheduled to pay more -- based on nearby home sale prices -- but he says the county didn't take into consideration $12,000 in severe weather damage to his home last year.

"I hope they'll be a little lenient once I go through the main process, and hopefully it'll come out within reason," Barber said.

It's too early to give a final count on the number of appeals filed this year. Officials expect some people will apply up until midnight online, plus mail-in appeals will trickle in over the next few days.

But Monday morning, the office already had about 11,000 hearings scheduled, some of which started that day.

Assessor Jake Zimmerman said they'll busy for the next two months, as they were the last time two years ago.

"So far so good," Zimmerman said. "It'll be long hours, but it's our job and we're going to do it.

For more information on the appeal process, click here.

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