CLAYTON, Mo. — Months after his May graduation from McCluer North High School, Michael Gregory is about to begin attending St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. He's not old enough to buy a beer, but he knows how to improve your credit score.

“I’m going to school to become an actuary, so I’m going to school for actuarial science,” said Gregory, referring to the use of mathematics and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries.

After class most days, Gregory will report to work at a credit repair company. At his age he could be an intern, except that it’s Gregory’s company, Gregory and Jacobs Credit Services, located in a Clayton high rise with a great view.

Because Gregory looks older than his age, some of his clients are surprised when they learn their credit repairman is 18.

“They’re pretty much shocked when I tell them my age because they think I’m older,” said Gregory. Some people think I’m 27 years old and I say ‘I’m just 18 years old.’”

Gregory’s first client was his grandmother. It’s likely her creditors didn’t realize they were negotiating with a 15-year-old.

“I noticed that she was struggling financially,” said Gregory. “She said, ‘hey, my credit cards are up to the limit.’ I wrote some letters and got a lot of late fees waived, a lot of interest reduced on her account, and a comfortable payment plan for her which she could really afford.”

The teen entrepreneur said he wants to help people.

“The majority of my clients have a FICO score below 550,” said Gregory. “The majority of the time, my clients, at the completion of my services, those are upwards of past 700 FICO score.”