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New temp tag enforcement shifts into high gear in Ferguson

"We are not here just to write tickets. We understand life happens and we want to work with people," Sergeant Jill Gronewald said.

FERGUSON, Mo. — You might say it's "triple-T" day, or "Temp Tag Tuesday," which has shifted into high gear in Ferguson.

"It is to raise awareness to the growing number of expired temp tags that everyone sees," Sergeant Jill Gronewald said. "This problem is everywhere."

For years, she and her fellow officers have seen the statewide problem first-hand. 

Countless drivers get temporary tags when they buy a car in Missouri, and they do not pay the sales tax to get permanent license plates and register up front.

Instead, they keep driving pass that expiration date.

"You're going to consistently see maybe some 2019's, 2020's. Some 2021's. I've seen as far back as 2010," Gronewald said.

5 On Your Side went for a ride with Gronewald and she spotted 10 temp tag violators.

"The woman we see driving in that blue car has an expired tag of March 26, 2022. That's over a year old," Gronewald said.

In an effort to crackdown on the problem, officers in Ferguson will especially be on the lookout for expired temporary tags every week on Tuesday.

Police said the new initiative is all about safety and legal responsibility on the roads.

"Our goal is not to put more of a financial burden on people. We understand that life happens, and things do come up," Gronewald said. 

Gronewald said, for example, if drivers are behind on utility bills, then police can help relieve some financial burden and get them into compliance with the Department of Revenue through a referral. 

If you drive around Ferguson with an expired temp tag and an officer gives you a ticket for failing to register your car, then be prepared to pay a $50 fine, plus another $26 for court costs.

Troy Doyle, Ferguson chief of police, said many drivers will get a warning.

However, drivers with really old, temp tags that expired years ago, will likely be ticketed.

"I think it may be necessary so people are on it," one driver, who spoke to 5 On Your Side, said.

"People just need to have their stuff right on their car," another driver said.

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