LEMAY, Mo. — A package was stolen from a St. Louis County woman's porch Thursday afternoon, but it's not just the theft she's upset about.

It all happened on Waller Avenue in the county's Lemay neighborhood at around 4 p.m. In a video recorded on Melissa Stocking's Ring surveillance system, a boy only slightly taller than her fence is seen running up and grabbing one of two packages off of her front porch.

"It was a very, very windy day," Stocking said. "He comes up, looks around, takes the package and runs. Then there's somebody up on the corner that he's running towards."

She said the second package was probably too heavy for the boy to carry.

"I was really, really mad. Not only that we would be stolen from but that it would be so obvious, during the daylight hours on a busy street," Stocking said.

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But as mad as she was about the robbery, it was the suspect's small stature that truly surprised her.

"My first thought was that someone had put him up to it because he looks very young," Stocking said. She has two boys of her own, ages 9 and 10. She believes the suspect could be as young as 6 years old. 

"The kid doesn't know right from wrong. To take something off of somebody's property, to take something off their porch — they obviously don't know that that's wrong."

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Stocking said who she really blames is the person seen standing near the stop sign. From the video, it looks as if they're watching and waiting as the boy grabs her stuff.

"In my opinion, they're setting that kid up for failure. That kid is not going to be successful if that's their role model."

Stocking said she reported the incident to police, but she chose not to file a report because of the suspect's age.