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Eclectic artist 'Sunny Rain' debuts first project

“My inspiration comes from St. Louis and life experiences,” Rose Logan said. “When I’m writing, I talk about who I am and what I represent.”
Credit: St. Louis American
Local rapper Rose ‘Sunny Rain’ Logan on Saturday, Apr. 17, 2021, at One Source Records in St. Louis. She released her first EP in March.

ST. LOUIS — Rose ‘Sunny Rain’ Logan’s distinction shines in introductory album

The moment you first see Rose “Sunny Rain” Logan, you immediately become interested in who she is — from her brown and black medium length dreadlocks and her full custom gold removable mouthpiece to her edgy tomboy chic style. Her aesthetic leaves you wondering who she is and what she does.

“The grill is lowkey, my cheating networking strategy. It's a conversation starter,” Logan said. “I never really wore a grill until now because when I started shooting videos, I decided I wanted to have a certain look.”

Her introductory project “Sunshine,” begins with “That’s Crazy,” a reflective song expressing gratitude while she counts every blessing. “Country Gramma,” a city homage for every person proud to be from the Gateway City, pays tribute to the hometown heroes we all love and credit for putting St. Louis’ hip-hop scene on the map, St. Lunatics. Five other tracks are included on the project.

“My inspiration comes from St. Louis and life experiences,” Logan said. “When I’m writing, I talk about who I am and what I represent.”

Logan’s favorite song from the album is the second track, “We Own,” another piece she says is an ode to her birthplace.

“It's basically talking about where I was and where I am now, how grateful I am to be from theMidwest.” Logan said.

Logan’s producer, Issac “Sir Issac Da Inventor,” Watson, whom she’s known for more than a decade, produced ‘Sunshine’. His successful collaboration with Logan shines through on the project.

“It's always good when you’re in your element, and you can artistically express yourself,” Watson said. “I had a good time working on the album together [with Logan].”

Both agreed that the creative process was seamless and definitely a vibe. Watson said it typically started with him curating a beat from scratch, while Logan comes up with raps on the spot in her head. Or sometimes he provided input suggesting a specific concept and direction on how he hears the songs flow.

“Our creative process is really organic; it's about us building the song the moment we hit the studio and us digging deep into how we can create a new sound,” Watson said.  

Growing up, Logan’s interest in music started between the ages of eight and nine years old. Being the only child for about 15 years, she had to find ways to keep her busy.

“I sold my own mixtapes in elementary school,” Logan said. “When I was in the fifth grade I used to play instrumental CDs, then put a tape in my mother’s stereo and record my voice. Then I’d bring it to school and charge my classmates $1 for it. I performed on the playground and at my D.A.R.E. graduation, which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, a program that informs children about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Logan is pleased with the unity among other artists in the city and looks forward to the next female rapper blowing up from St. Louis.

“St. Louis is on the rise right now. If there hasn’t been one recently, there will definitely be some room shakers here shortly,” Logan said.

Logan’s EP ‘Sunshine’ and her other music is available on all digital streaming platforms. For updates about new music releases and tour dates, visit her website: sunnyrainwrldwide.com.

Logan is a 2009 graduate of Parkway North High. She’s been featured in Hip Hop Weekly, The Source, Thisis50 and Sway’s Universe.