ST. LOUIS – Throughout the month of February 5 On Your Side’s Rene Knott is tracking the diet journey of three Today in St. Louis viewers. Each of the viewers is on a different diet routine.

Follow their journeys on Today in St. Louis from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. on Tuesdays.

Kara Bell works at a library in Washington, Missouri. She used to be overweight and suffered from diabetes and was on several medications. Bell is using a plant-based diet and has lost 94 pounds since May 2018. She was able to go sledding this year for the first time since she was a little girl.

Cindy Collins wants to lose 100 pounds. She wants to lose weight so she can get out of pain – she has bad knees and ankles. Collins wants to travel again. She is doing the ‘NOOM’ diet because it helps her stay mentally focused of her goals by using an app and a journal.

Brian Wolf is a lieutenant with the Frontenac Police Department. He used to weigh 380 pounds. Wolf had the gastric sleeve surgery a few years ago and he now does the Keto diet with his wife. His parents are also on the plan. He wants to drop another 30 to 40 pounds. He admits that the diet is a challenge but by doing this with his wife Jennifer they’ll be able to stay on track.

5 On Your Side also asked our social media followers for their weight loss journey stories – we received over 100 on our Facebook post.

BEFORE & AFTER: Do you have a weight loss success story? We want to see your transformation! Your inspiring stories will motivate three people who are starting their weight loss journey Tuesday on...

‘I started my health journey on Oct. 27, 2017 at 476 pounds… After 15 months of working with a health coach, I’ve lost 220 pounds (naturally) and I’m only 30 pounds away from goal weight!! And now I’m coaching others to find freedom from obesity as well!! Life is good!!,’ Corey Stallings said.

‘Down 130 pounds! Blood, sweat, and tears.....!! Hard work works! Forgot to add, I just became a personal trainer at Club Fitness, hoping i can inspire and help others to change their life! #newlifefitness,’ Heather Louise said.

‘48 pounds in 6 months so far. Started with keto to jump start my metabolism. Now doing traditional healthy diet and exercise!’ Alexandria Stroup said.