JEFFERSON COUNTY. Mo. – Deputies in Jefferson County are searching for a man caught on surveillance video stealing a donation jar, meant for a cancer patient, from a gas station.

Stockham’s Gas Mart was raising money for Gary Smith, a longtime customer battling stage four cancer in his brain, lungs and lymph nodes. In September, doctors gave him just six months to live.

"It's just not right somebody taking it away from him,” owner Kent Stockham said.

His cameras caught the theft from multiple angles. The thief ordered cigarettes from the cashier, and as soon as she turned her back, he grabbed the jar from the counter. When she turned away again, he stuffed it under his jacket.

"Once he gets it under his coat, he says he needs to go back to his car. He forgot his money,” Stockham said.

The thief left and never came back.

The donation jar had been out on the counter for about a month, and the Smith family would come by every now and then to pick up the money raised. They used it to help pay for Gary’s food and medicine.

"It's pretty low, about as low as it gets, I think,” Stockham said.

The thief was driving an SUV, possibly a Ford Freestyle. If you recognize him, call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.