ST. LOUIS – This weekend marked the third traffic calming ball to be dislodged along South Compton Avenue, causing a lot of discontent around the Tower Grove South neighborhood.

The purpose of the traffic balls is to slow down the flow of traffic and prevent cars from running up on curbs.

Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia confirms a U-Haul truck struck and drug a traffic calming ball from it’s base Friday night. Neighbor Terrence Strong took pictures of the dislodged ball about 40 feet from its original location.

“For the amount that it cost I think it should at least stay in place,” Strong remarked.

Alderwoman Ingrassia spearheaded the project. Along with crosswalk improvements, she told 5 On Your Side, the entire project costs $235,000.

Nearby neighbor B.J. Fullenkamp said that’s worth every penny.

“It has really, really helped,” he said.

Fullenkamp said the issue with the balls dislodging has less to do with the project, and more to do with traffic problems.

“What we need is considerate drivers, and not everyone is considerate,” he said.

Alderwoman Ingrassia blames the dislodged balls on pool driving and urges her constituents to not give up on the project just yet.

“I’m not saying this is a perfect project but we do need to give it some time to look at the data to determine if it’s being effective,” she told 5 On Your Side over the phone.

She also said, she’ll roll with the punches.

“If it continues to be an issue, it’s a pilot project. We want people to move throughout the neighborhood slowly. We may need to make some tweaks. That’s what happens when you try something for the first time,” said Ingrassia.

That’s fine with Strong, but in the meantime, he’s worried that if it’s happened before, it could happen again.

“We have other road blocking mechanisms in St. Louis that don’t roll away,” said Strong.

Alderwoman Ingrassia said, she wants these barriers to stay in place for the time being, while they evaluate their effectiveness.

Fullenkamp told 5 On Your Side, he can already tell that the spheres have made a big difference for the traffic around his home.