Thousands of new street lights are going up in St. louis.

It's a move to keep people safe and to cut costs. High-volume and high crime areas are getting the LED lights first.

The LED’s emit a bright white light versus the previous lighting is more of an orange. The City says this new illumination provides better visibility and also saves on cost.

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“They also have blue lights at the bottom, so you can tell where the new ones are," said Brittany Kouri, the Assistant Manager at Gio’s Restaurant.

Right across the street from its 7th street entrance stands several LED brights. Gio’s says it’s hopeful the new lights draw crowds, even after dark.

"Especially now that cardinal season is here and I know there's been problems, like games when people are coming out late, and I think it makes people feel safer and they'll want to come downtown and they'll buy tickets, eat the restaurants here," Kouri said.

As of last week, the City began installing 5,000 energy efficient lights, thanks to a $1 million dollar loan from the Missouri Department of Economic Development. It’s expecting a minimum of 40% energy savings, plus an overall safer Downtown.

"A lot of it is perception,” explained Deanna Venker, the Commissioner of Traffic in the City of St Louis. “It provides that white lite but it also is part of this crime fighting tool that allows the surveillance cameras around town to see that detail where we have crime occurrences happening."

So far, Kingshighway and Grand are complete. Now, crews are making their way down North Broadway, heading South.

"Well, I know downtown has got a bad reputation lately, especially at our location at 7th and Market, because at hooters there was just a shooting there not too long ago," said Kouri. “And I hope that it goes all the way down union station as well."