ST. LOUIS - A St. Louis organization that fights for victims of sexual abuse and violence is feeling extra empowered after TIME Magazine released its Person of the Year for 2017.

The Silence Breakers in the “Me Too” movement grace the cover of the magazine begging the question what’s next?

It’s on top of minds of a lot of people following the high profile firings of powerful men in the wave of the "Me Too" movement.

The people at Safe Connections say this is the affirmation they needed to move their efforts in the direction they’ve been working so hard towards.

Director of Development and Marketing at Safe Connections, Deb Cottin, says the time is now when it comes to ending sexual assault and violence.

Cottin says, “This is so great! The Silence Breakers they get the Person of the Year. So, what's next? One of the things is workplace reform working with local businesses to really have good policies and procedures in place to make sure everybody is safe. Everybody feels safe and can work and be productive.”

Cottin says workplace reform is something they've been fighting for and now have the traction they need to really go after it. She calls this a watershed moment, but makes it clear there is still a long way to go

"Having a half of an unknown woman on the cover of TIME magazine was a great way to show that there are so many women and so many survivors. There are women who are still in situations where they cannot say “me too.” Where they are very legitimate in their fears that if they speak up bad things will happen to them. It isn't paranoia. It’s the truth," she said.

Cottin also says we shouldn't forget about men in this movement. In fact, 15 percent of the people who seek counseling and help at Safe Connections are men.