ST. LOUIS — One St. Louis neighborhood has decided they aren't going to wait for the city to get carjackings in check, they're going to take matters into their own hands.

The Tower Grove Heights Neighborhood Association's plan stemmed from a recent carjacking that took place on the corner of Wyoming and South Spring Avenue.

A surveillance camera at Blackthorn Pizza captured the incident, but only recorded the back of the suspect's head.

Now neighbors want to make sure there are at least two cameras, one on either side of the road, at every intersection in their neighborhood.

"It very much so hits close to home," says Ryan Barry, the Tower Grove Heights Safety Committee Chairman. "Carjackings have been on the rise."

According to statistics provided by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department - the Greater Tower Grove South neighborhood has seen 12 carjackings this year, including one that claimed the life of a retired St. Louis Police Officer.

"Most recently with Sgt. Harper," said Ann Stanley, the President-Elect of the Tower Grove Heights Neighborhood Association.

The association is hoping to kick those crimes to the curb, by installing surveillance cameras

"These cameras can aid in the search for the suspects and aide in the prosecution once the suspects are apprehended," said Barry.

Nearby Grand Boulevard has police-owned and controlled cameras. Tower Grove Heights neighbors haven't been successful in convincing the city to install those here, so they're looking to install their own privately-owned cameras on their own houses.

At least two at each intersection.

Tower Grove Heights is taking a page from Soulard - who installed similar cameras.

This year, they've seen six carjackings, that's half compared to Tower Grove South in 2018.

"The chances of you getting caught are going to be greater," says Stanley. "So I think that’s the message we want to send."

Twenty-four cameras will cost the neighborhood $2,000.

In order to raise the money, they're holding a fundraiser at Blackthorn Pub and Pizza this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m.

Tickets are at least $10 or a larger donation of your choice. The pizza and salad is no additional charge, but drinks do require a separate purchase.

If those first 24 cameras are successful, they hope to add more in the future.