Do you remember how you chose where to go to college? Everyone has their own unique story. Including one Wentzville senior who attends Timberland High School.

Taylor Baumstark was torn between Maryville University and Missouri State, so she took to twitter for guidance. The response she got was pretty amazing and ended up helping the teen choose where she would spend the next four years of her young life.

18-year-old Taylor Baumstark was already committed to attend Missouri State University. She'd put a down payment on a dorm and had her roommate picked out.

"I mean obviously It’s a big ordeal for me and my family to decide, but apparently it’s a big deal to the state of Missouri too," laughed Baumstark.

Baumstark’s plans took a turn when she got an unexpected email from Maryville University.

"Something had happened with their technology that I never got my acceptance letter even though I applied in September. They offered me a scholarship and I was like maybe I should go tour there," Baumstark explained. 

After touring Maryville, Taylor Baumstark was struggling with her college decision. So, she posted a side by side picture on her twitter account showing her in front of Maryville and in front of Missouri State. The tweet said send help. Within minutes, Baumstark received a barrage of tweets igniting a twitter war between the two colleges.


"I couldn't even catch up to it, I kept scrolling and it was just insane," laughed Baumstark.

It wasn't just students replying to win her over. The college's staff, alumni and the presidents were getting in on the tweets.

Chris Reimer runs all of Maryville's social media accounts.

Reimer says it’s the school policy to respond to all tweets, but he has a personal one when it comes to prospective students.

"My personal policy is to respond first. I want to make that impression," Reimer said.

Reimer’s tweet was the first of thousands that followed. He tweeted at Taylor “That red M looks pretty good.”

Baumstark posted the picture before soccer practice and when she got out she couldn’t believe the response.

"My phone had blown up completely. There was a whole twitter war was going on and I was like oh my god," she said.

It even got a little feisty at one point after Missouri State posted a GIF of its president wearing swag glasses. Missouri tweeted at Maryville asking “does your president have swag?”

Reimer replied, “You mean glasses you can't see through? No, we don't have those."

It was all in good fun and made the choice easier for Baumstark. She posted a picture in a Maryville shirt that night with the hashtag saints nation.

Reimer said, "Faculty and staff and alumni all jumping in and talking to this prospective student trying to make this big life decision. Then she tweets that picture and I thought okay that's a pretty happy ending to that story."

Baumstark explained, "I think it’s a great school and a great community and everyone really bonded together just to get one student to go there. I don’t know what else they could do with all of that power but yeah I thought it was great."

Missouri State tweeted at Taylor after she made her decision saying “congratulations, go get ‘em.”