Two moms claimed a group of students verbally and physically attacked their kids, and school leaders aren't doing enough about it.

“My main concern is that I wasn't notified right away," said Jaime Scaggs, a mother who claims her child was bullied

They said it happened at Lewis and Clark Junior High in Wood River.

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The mothers said the school isn't doing enough to protect their kids, and they are afraid to attend class.

One mom said she had to take her kid to the emergency room. The other said her child talked about taking her own life. Both claimed the schools aren't calling them until long after the incidents happen, if at all.

Scaggs said her 11-year-old was punched in the head by another kid at school. If that wasn't bad enough Scaggs claims, what happened next to her daughter was even worse. And she said it was done by a school employee.

"My daughter said she still had a headache and asked to replace the ice pack and the nurse said ‘You should be fine. You don't need an ice pack, go back to class,’" said Scaggs.

Kristin Corder also said her 13-year-old's requests for help went ignored after students poked her daughter in the lunch line. But when she went for help.

"The monitor said ‘it's a busy place’ and turned around and walked away," Corder said.

Both parents claim their kids are vulnerable because they have special needs or are in special education. The moms also said that when they approached the principal she did little to help.

“She told me on several occasions that it is not happening, my child is exaggerating. If she doesn’t see it with her own eyes and it is not caught on video it is not happening,” said Scaggs.

“She wanted me to put my daughter on the spot and ask her if I allow bullying,” said Corder.

They hope telling their story will correct what they believe is a growing problem.

“Children have a right to a safe education. They have a right to go to school and not be bullied,” said Scaggs.

An issue they are worried is getting out of control.

“Students have taunted her and told her she is no good, she is worthless, she should kill herself. And I don't want my daughter to be one of those that does that,” said Corder.

The superintendent of the Wood River-Hartford School District 15 released the following statement:

"In response to your email concerning specific students and the allegations of bullying, please know that all cases of alleged bullying are fully investigated and dealt with in accordance with school procedures and policy. We are always willing to maintain open lines of communication with parents when dealing with any type of problem. However, the district is not at liberty to discuss any specific student or personnel matters in regard to these specific instances.
Please know that the safety of all our students is always a top priority and any instances in which a student feels unsafe are always taken very seriously.

Please know that Policy 7:180, Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment is posted on the Wood River-Hartford School Dist. #15 webpage. Our student handbook also outlines procedures for reporting bullying and any form of harassment."

Thank you,

Patrick Anderson