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Llamas on the loose one year later

It has been one year since two Llamas ran loose in Sun City

SUN CITY, Ariz. - It has been one year since two llamas ran loose in Sun City. Sky 12 caught the great chase on video.

#Llamasontheloose lasted for a few hours as Kahkneeta, the older white llama, and a black llama named Laney darted in and out of traffic and avoided capture after something had spooked them.

Local residents could be seen trying to corner the llamas with no luck. Traffic slowed to a stop as the llamas passed through residential roads.

The great chase went viral and was seen all over the world. It was a hit on social media and someone even created a T-shirt.

For llama's owner Karen Freund, that day was anything but fun.

“That day was an extremely stressful day. I did not see a good ending to that day. I didn't see how we were ever going to get them contained,” Freund said.

Thankfully, the two were lassoed and brought back safe and sound. They live in Chino Valley now on three acres of land and lovelife.

“You should see them in the snow. They love it when we get snow. They can really spread out and run. It's gorgeous out here. We love it,” Freund said.

The llamas were originally used in pet therapy. Now they're on a sabbatical, so to speak. A brief dispute with the USDA over licensing, coupled with Freund and her husband's retirement from the Phoenix Police Department put that on hold.

Freund said she would like to eventually get the two escape artists back into pet therapy.

“I would really like to take them to the nursing homes and maybe to the schools for education purposes,” Freund said.

One year after the great Llama Drama, Freund has a greater appreciation for all the excitement Kahkneeta and Laney created.

“Now looking back at the video. I can see where they enjoyed it. I'm glad it lightened up their day. Brightened up their day. I'm just glad it came to a good end,” she said.

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