Is a Facebook post offering free plane tickets from Delta legitimate?


No, we can verify this is a scam.


Delta Airlines


Janice from Alexandria came across a post on Facebook—claiming to be from Delta Airlines—offering free plane tickets.

But the claim really is too good to be true.

A representative with Delta responded to our question about the alleged free tickets.

“No, this particular giveaway is a scam, not a promo from us,” they said.

When KSDK's sister station WUSA9 clicked on the post, a pop-up window told us we had won the tickets—all we had to do was out a three-question survey to claim our prize. The form asked for our email, address, and phone number.

The offer is another way for scammers to get ahold of your personal information.

The post also claimed to be celebrating Delta’s 33 anniversary. The airline has been around for 92 years.


Facebook has informed our Verify researchers that the post has been deleted after we notified them about the claim. Here is their statement:

“This was taken down last week. We found that it was a malicious scam and took action against it. We take action against scams like this as soon as we uncover them. In addition to our automated systems, we rely on our community to report scams to us. In this case, we removed the initial scam as soon as it was reported. We will continue to take down similar scams when we identify them.”

- Tom Channick, Facebook spokesman


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