A mother's post is going viral out of Florida. She says, her son suffered from a severe asthma attack after eating a new dessert called "Dragon's Breath."

Several St. Louis area ice cream locations sell the frozen treat, including Snow Factory, Ice's and Yo Yo's in Chesterfield.

The snack is essentially frozen cereal, but it's made using liquid nitrogen and the cold fog that comes from the substance is what gives you the "dragon's smoke" effect.

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But is that safe to consume?

We took our questions to a Pulmonologist at Cardinal Glennon Hospital.

Dr. Gary Albers says it's the intense cold, -321 degrees Fahrenheit, that gives him chills.

"The danger of extreme cold - that’s the real problem," says Dr. Albers.

Albers says extreme temperatures in either direction, hot or cold, can be problematic for those with asthma.

"Cold moist air, and air even with some small ice crystals in it, would be a very effective trigger to put you into an asthma attack," he says.

So we can #Verify, Dragon's Breath should absolutely be avoided if you're diagnosed with asthma or really any lung disease.

Dr. Albers goes even further.

"o it can rapidly freeze anything including human tissue, skin, water, air," he says.

Albers says, if you're absolutely sold on breathing like a dragon, let it warm up significantly first.

"It can be so cold you simply burn your tongue or effectively get frostbite on your tongue, your lips or portions of your mouth," says Albers.

Otherwise, based on Dr. Albers' recommendations, we can #Verify, because of all the risks involved, you should think twice before ordering the treat.

"This is just taking it to the extreme level where the risk of freezing is too great," he says.

5 On Your Side reached out to every ice cream store in the St. Louis area that serves Dragon's Breath, asking if they feel like this product is safe.

None of them answered any of our questions, and said they would get back in touch.

So far, that hasn't happened.


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