A Facebook post claiming Eat-Rite Diner is closing in September. It was a post that was shared more than a thousand times, but is it true?

Eat-Rite Diner opened in 1954 along Route 66 but is it closing in September, after more than 60 years in business?

Our Verify Team looked into it and we found it's just not true.

"We are definitely not closing," said Dorcas Dooley of Eat-Rite. "There is no truth to that whatsoever. My aunt Tina and I are down here helping out. It's a family business. We're definitely not letting it close up. The rumors can stop. We're here to stay."

So where did this rumor come from? We reached out to the original Facebook poster. He said he heard the diner was closing from a cook.


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