A social media post about a historic mural at City Hall is creating a buzz. The post raises issue with the city's removal of a mural, and whether it's tied to the Stockely decision.

The post on Facebook has been shared more than 300 times since last Friday. It claims a black history mural was removed from St. Louis City Hall just days before the Stockley decision was announced.

Part of the post reads: "Tone deaf? Stupid? Racist? I dunno which but none of them bode well for the this administration."

Richard Bradley, the president of the Board of Public Service says his office had no idea when the Stockley decision was going to be announced.

VERIFY: Was black history mural removed from City Hall before Stockley decision?

"It had absolutely nothing to do with that decision. This is something we've been working on for a number of years-- two to three years now," he said.

Bradley says the mural, which features six St. Louis African American historical figures, was removed because it's been damaged over the years from moisture.

"The mural was starting to bow from the moisture behind it. In fact, some of the pieces of the mural actually fell out of the middle," he said. "We have been working on it diligently to get it done. And for someone to make the comment, we would just believe they were uninformed of what we were doing."

The artist of the mural, who is African American, confirms the timing was coincidental and had nothing to do with the Stockley decision.

A 5 On Your Side photographer was at City Hall when the mural was reinstalled Monday evening. .