CLAYTON, Mo. – Washington University student leaders are demanding another apology and a change in policy after what they call a case of racial profiling.

Nya Hardaway and Jaylen Johnson are members of the Association of Black Students. They said they want to have a meeting with Clayton police.

“We are feeling much pain and frustration,” said Hardaway, an incoming junior. “We're focusing on making the City of Clayton accountable.”

Earlier this month, a manager at an IHOP called police to report a group of four people had left without paying.

Clayton police stopped a group of 10 young people walking along Brentwood Boulevard. They were incoming Washington University students, who were in town for orientation.

University officials said some students showed receipts, proving they paid the bills. Police escorted the students back to the restaurant, where the management confirmed that police had the wrong suspects.

Hardaway said she wants to encourage the police to “have some kind of training on racial profiling.”

“In our modern-day society, racism is still existing,” Johnson said.