HILLSBORO, Mo. – A water main break at a mobile home park has turned a nearby road into a slippery slope. Granada Drive runs through Kim Rudy's subdivision.

It's covered in ice.

"Very frustrating," Rudy said. "We're worried about the trees and the backyards of the neighbors, the driveways."

Rudy said she noticed the leak Tuesday. Days later, the ice is blocking some neighbors from leaving their homes. Those who can get out are doing so carefully.

"My issue was ... if emergency responders were to have to come in, they would have to park down here and then walk down the hill," Rudy said.

The mobile home manager said, Saturday, a crew turned off the water, fixed the leak, and salted the road twice. However, groundwater is still flowing and soon, it too will freeze.

"It's still a mess," Rudy said. "I'm not sure what there is we can do."

The manager said they'll be back Sunday to put more salt on the icy road.