ST. LOUIS — A military veteran and his wife are saying thank you after Good Samaritans found their two dogs.

"If they had not taken care of them I had no idea what would've happened to him," Matt Morton said through tears.

Not all stories have a happy ending, But with Louis and Griffyn wrapped in his arms, Morton said he and his wife got theirs.

"We just cried, and cried and cried and cried… we were so happy," he said.

Matt was in Chicago Saturday when a man drove away with his wife's car. Both Griffyn and Louis were inside.

"That's right you're not happy about that bad car ride are you guys… that's right," Morton said, comforting the dogs.

It happened on Carmelita Lane in Florrisant. His wife Jaime was injured when she held on to the car's door handle, hoping to save their pets. The dogs are the closest things to kids they have.

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"I was thinking how could such a mean person, just not care. They came, they invaded my home, they assaulted and brutalized my wife," said Morton.

But thanks to some good Samaritans, both Griffyn and Louis were found.

"They saw him walking around their apartment complex and knew that he belonged to somebody… he wasn't just some stray," said Morton.

Morton is a disabled Marine Corps veteran. Griffyn was found Tuesday, and Louis Wednesday. Morton said the two are already being of service.

"Like you saw earlier Louis was licking and nibbling on my knee... they know when you're hurting," said Morton.

Jaime was unable to speak with us on camera Thursday. However, the last time we spoke with her, she knew if this day didn't come, she only wanted one thing.

"Just pray that if somebody did get them that they're being taken care of. That would be something that I could at least hope for," said Morton.

Matt thinks looking at their two babies, all of their prayers were answered.

"These people fed him, they took care of him they were wanting nothing but the best for him."

Both Griffyn and Louis were taken to the veterinarian, she says they're OK. 

Police are still searching for the Morton's stolen 2012 Kia Soul.

Anyone with information should call Florissant police.

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