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'We need help' | Over 80 homes flooded in O'Fallon, Missouri, subdivision

The Copperfield Neighborhood pool has turned into a makeshift command center with donations and guidance for help.

O'FALLON, Mo. — It's been a struggle for many trying to recover from last week's historic rain and the flooding that followed.

One O'Fallon, Missouri, subdivision got hit particularly hard and now, people there, are pleading for help.

Many in the Copperfield subdivision spent their Sunday morning washing away the debris while dumpsters lined the streets.

One neighbor described what's left from Tuesday's historic flood as a 'living nightmare.'

Copperfield Residents Association's Vice President, Stephanie Whitman, said they've been working over 16 hours a day trying to get their neighbors what they need. 

"There's a lot of work that needs to be done and we need help," she said.

More than 80 homes were flooded in the O'Fallon neighborhood and according to City Council Member, Deana Smith, seven were condemned. 

Mud-covered walls, torn-up floors and mold on the ceiling are now the makeup of some homes. 

Steve Williams, Copperfield Residents Association's President, said they're committed to helping their neighbors, no matter how long it takes.

"When you see your neighbors struggling this bad, you have to step in and we just keep going," he said.

Stepping up is just what the community has done.

Whitman and Williams turned the neighborhood pool into a makeshift command center.

"They're in desperate need of help. They need cleaning products, they need washers and dryers to wash clothes. They don't have water heaters, they don't have anybody else to turn to," Whitman said.

That's just the beginning of a long list of needs. 

While a small pile of donations was set up on one side of the pool, a gathering of prayer was happening on the other on Sunday morning.

Volunteers from the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief of Missouri have been in St. Louis for days now, according to coordinator and volunteer Randy Reddell.

"This is a historic flood for this area. Areas are flooded that have never been flooded before," he said.

Reddell said the team is getting homes ready for rebuild and is planning to do the same in this subdivision.

"We just try to do what we can and we realize that even though it may be the usual thing for us, it's not the usual thing for these homeowners," he said.

While there's still a lot of work to be done, Whitman said, they won't slow down until everyone is taken care of.

"I know that in a heartbeat that every single one of them would be there for me in the same position, so it's not going to stop," she said.

A lot of the same homes that were hit this past week were also hit two years ago from a different flood. 

One neighbor said her house has been hit three times now, since they moved into this neighborhood.

The constant issues with rain and flood is why a lot of neighbors are pleading for a long-term solution from the city. Some have even talked about building a levy in front of the creek to prevent this from happening. 

The community has received donations, but they are in desperate need of more. 

It's everything from cleaning supplies to trash bags to meals for families. 

Also, washers, dryers and water heaters. 

Whitman said you can also donate here through the GoFundMe.

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