They were married one day, and crime victims the next.

A St. Louis couple lost thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts, cash, and even a wedding dress after somebody broke into their vehicle Sunday night.

Newlyweds Alana and Ivan Malpica celebrated their marriage with family and friends from around the country with a ceremony in St. Charles this weekend.

“It was hands down the best day of our lives,” Alana said.

The next day, Ivan left the couple’s hotel and picked up gifts and personal belongings from family members. He and Alana went downtown for one last meal with out of town guests. Ivan parked his truck in an open, well-lit lot near Spruce Street and 9th Street. When they returned to the vehicle a few hours later, they were met with an unwelcome surprise.

“We first saw the window shattered, and I initially didn’t know everything was in there,” Alana said.

“I was really angry,” Ivan added. “She kept asking me what all was in there. I kept saying -- everything. Everything.”

Inside the truck were thousands of dollars worth of gifts, cash, and clothes. Many of the items were sentimental, like Alana’s wedding dress.

“I think I’m just as sad about all of the cards and all of the thoughtful things that people said that I'll never be able to read or I'll never be able to see,” she said.

“I always felt safe in this city,” Ivan added. “And it’s just like -- now we don’t.”

The Malpica’s reported the theft to city police, who are now investigating.

Friends of the couple also started a GoFundMe account, to help raise money for the lost items and cover the deductible on insurance.

The newlyweds credit a strong support system of friends and family for helping them through this unexpected loss. While saddened by what happened, they are trying to remember the best parts of an otherwise joyous weekend.

“It was all material things,” Alana said. “And as sad as it was, it made us realize how much we care about each other and we’re not going to let something like that affect, or ruin, the best day of our life.”