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Wentzville firefighters dream about who will play them in movie

A book about a local miracle will now become a full-length feature film for the silver screen.

It's the story that has so many of you talking on social media.

A St. Charles County mother has written a book about her son's miraculous survival after falling through ice.

“It’s something I'll never take for granted ever,” says Joyce Smith, author of “The Impossible,” and mother of 17-year-old John Smith.

“I mean, it’s nothing that will ever be, oh well, it just happened. It's something that will always grip me."

John Smith was 14-years-old when he lay on the bottom of Lake Saint Louise for almost 20 minutes and was without a heartbeat for almost an hour.

16 days later, he walked out of the hospital, completely recovered.

Now, the eyes of the world will be on St. Louis once again because "The Impossible" is also being made into a feature film.

Five On Your Side’s Kay Quinn met with the Hollywood producer bringing "The Impossible" to the silver screen.

DeVon Franklin has more than a dozen big movies including "The Karate Kid" under his belt.

She tried to get him to spill the secrets on his new project.

"I'm so excited, first of all, so blessed and fortunate, to help bring this story to the screen,” says DeVon. “It's similar with what I did in "Miracles From Heaven," we're looking to do the exact same thing with "The Impossible."

The movie "The Impossible" will be based on the book.

Franklin says he plans to start shooting early in 2018, and it should be in theaters by late 2018.

He says audiences are hungry for stories of hope, connection and community. This movie brings together all three, while highlighting the power of love.

Kay asked some of the real-life heroes who saved John Smith who they'd like to play them in the movie.

"I would love The Rock or Vin Diesel to play me in this pivotal movie with my pivotal role, because they're great and they would make me look much better,” says Captain Tommy Shine with the Wentzville Fire Department.

“I just want someone to play my part, and I won't mention any names, but just someone that truly believes what we really do,” says Wentzville Fire Chief Michael Marlo. “Sometimes we don’t give up, and there's a reason we don't give up."

So, who can we expect to see star in the movie “The Impossible?”

“You're going to have to watch and stay tuned!” says DeVon Franklin. “Can't let the cat out of the bag! We have some really great surprises up our sleeves for who’s going to play Joyce, who’s going to play John, and how we're going to bring it to life, but I can't say yet."

This is a story we've been following closely since it happened in January of 2015, and we will keep you posted on the progress of the movie, the scoop on casting, and of course its big release next year.

The book "The Impossible” hits book stores November 7th.