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The Wet Nose Project | Saving pets one fundraiser at a time

“Rescue doesn’t mean broken. Rescue dog means a human let them down.”

ST. LOUIS — The Wet Nose Project raises money to support non-profit animal rescues and pets with costly vet bills.

It was started earlier this year by two hockey moms, Amy Yemm and Tracy Rumph, looking for new ways to help our voiceless furry friends.

Missouri is the puppy mill capital of the country and these two moms know there’s a mountain of work. Rumph was inspired to help after seeing so many cases of helpless animals in bad situations.

“Hank actually came from a hoarding situation with 46 dogs,” Tracy said. “They weren't let out of their cages the first two years of his life."

But after a successful rescue, medical and TLC, Yemm has seen how quickly these pets can turn around.

“Their energy, their whole demeanor changes,” Amy said.

There are two sides to rescuing:

  • Someone has to go save the animals. get them medical treatment. find a forever home. and provide a lot of TLC in the process
  • The other side, someone has to raise the money for all of this.

“Most have not been vaccinated, spayed, neutered, fed, sheltered, yes there's huge medical debt and that's where the money goes," Yemm said.

That’s where the Wet Nose Project comes in. When broken, beaten and abused pets are brought in, the Wet Nose Project hands the rescue a check to pay for any expenses.

"It's a god send,” said Linda Roever, with Stray Paws Rescue. "They have helped us buying crates for transport, food, medicine.”

The non-profit isn’t just asking for handouts, they frequently find creative ways to drum up life-saving dollars.

“Rescue doesn’t mean broken,” Amy said. “Rescue dog means a human let them down.”

Thankfully there's humans to help them heal and give them a happily ever after.

Too frequently, pet parents surrender aging and ill pets in exchange for new puppies. The Wet Nose Project’s long-term goal is to raise enough money to build a pet hospice facility.

You can make donations and win prizes by clicking here. If not, they encourage everyone to make a small donation to the rescue of their choice.

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