LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. — A woman is facing animal cruelty and neglect charges after police said they found more than 30 mistreated dogs and other animals at her home.

Police said they were called to investigate an animal cruelty report with the Humane Society on October 16. When they arrived at the home on Bear Creek Trail in Truxton, they found several dogs outside without food or water.

No owner was at the home when they were investigating, but 56-year-old Michele Hogarth-Dove called later in the day saying she was the homeowner and that her animals were well cared for.

A week later, investigators got a search warrant and searched the home. They found and seized 32 dogs, several birds, a rabbit and a dead horse. Veterinarians said the dogs were emaciated and would remain in the care of the Humane Society.

After the vet reports, the sheriff's office applied for charges. On Tuesday they announced she was charged with two counts of animal abuse and six counts of animal neglect or abandonment. Her bond was set at $15,000.