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Woman on mission to find Tennessee family who helped her in 1999

Do you recognize the family in the photo? It was taken 19 years ago.

A woman in Louisville, Kentucky is on a mission to find a family who helped her out nearly 20 years ago.

In 1999, Cambrie Anderson and her family went on a trip to Disney World in Orlando. She says when they were on their way back home to Indianapolis, they ran out of money and had nowhere to sleep. They were reportedly driving through Tennessee when that happened.

"Somehow, I befriended a family at a gas station and they graciously let us sleep at their house that night (it may have happened differently, but that’s how I remember it)," she wrote in a Facebook post with a photo of the family who helped her. "Yes, we slept in the house of a complete stranger."

Things were different in 1999.

Anderson said she thought they may have stopped off I-65 north or I-24 west but she had no idea which part of Tennessee they were in.

They also could have traveled straight through Knoxville if they chose to avoid Nashville and take Interstate 75 up through East Tennessee.

Anderson says she is now living in Kentucky and moving to North Carolina this month and wants to find the family who helped her.

"There is probably zero chance I will find them, but hopefully social media can help. Here is the family. All I know is they lived somewhere in Tennessee in 1999," she wrote in the post.

She said she has had about five people reach out thinking they knew the family but turns out it wasn't the same family.

"It's a long shot, but I suppose crazier things have happened," Anderson said.

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